A hike "From church to church"

Every first Sunday in June

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A hike "From church to church" takes place every first Sunday in June. The path is not a very difficult one and is therefore appropriate for families, too. The hike starts at 9 a.m. by the priest's house in Polšnik (the centre of the village). You pay your registration fee there and get the card for the stamps, a souvenir, tea or coffee and some biscuits. Before you start your hike, the Polšnik male choir sings a few songs for you. It will take you around one hour to get to the top of the hill Ostrež (the first stop). The way goes on to the church of St. Laurence in the village of Stranski vrh (the second stop). You need around 50 minutes to get there and you make a little longer stop on the bright meadow. Different groups have performances on both stops. The next stop after 40 minutes is by the church of St. George in Glinjek, where the holy mass starts at 1 p.m.; the mass will take place in the nature. The last part of the hike is a way down to the hunting cabin (10 minutes), where the entertaining activities under the tent take place. There will be different performances, presentations, dance and awards for the hikers. It will be taken care of food and drink, too. Different associations and individuals will be presenting their handmade products on the stalls.



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Key points of a hike

  • Polšnik
  • kužno znamenje v Sušju
  • Ostrež
  • Stranski vrh
  • Glinjek